Sailing with a group

Sailing through the canals of Alkmaar is a fun experience to do with your family, colleagues, association or classmates!

Make a reservation

For groups of 15 or more people, we kindly request that you contact us by email two weeks in advance to make a reservation so that we can ensure that your group sits together. For groups booked within two weeks of your sailing date, we will do our best to accommodate you based on availability.

Private boat tour

Exclusive to your party

When you reserve your own boat, there are more options. You can then, for example, indicate a different boarding and disembarkation point, or sail a different route. The adapted routes, boarding and disembarkation places are discussed in consultation with a skipper.

School trips

The cruise is also a perfect outing for school trips or theme closures. Connects to themes such as water but of course also to history, the 80 years war played a major role in Alkmaar. What many people forget is that there are still indications of the cold war. Many bridges could, some can, be closed to keep the water in the inner city.
Another option is to rent the boat and, for example, be taken from school to the playground, provided that the school and location are somewhat close to a main waterway.
Feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along.